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‘Simplistic and inadequate’: readers on the ‘great repeal bill’

The EU (withdrawal) bill, which will formally enact Brexit, was published on Thursday and immediately came under fire from opposition politicians.

The bill, informally known as the great repeal bill, will not bring the EU charter of fundamental rights into domestic law on Brexit day, as Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Kier Starmer, had demanded.

Tim Farron has said the government will face “hell” trying to get the bill through parliament in the autumn, and Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon and Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones released a joint statement saying they could not support the bill as it currently stands.

Below, we share reader reaction to the bill’s publication.

The bill is simplistic and inadequate

Virtually all EU legislation is multilateral in nature.

To take one example: EU Regulation 1215/2012, which governs the recognition and enforcement of judgments across the EU. The Regulation only works if we remain a ‘member state’. If we don’t, other member states will not recognise and enforce UK judgments in their own countries, regardless of what we do.

This bill is nonsensical as a piece of law, as will quickly become apparent if it is enacted.

As a lawyer I suppose I shouldn’t complain – the chaos and confusion this is going to generate will be good for business – but as a citizen it is depressing to see such a complicated challenge being addressed in such a simplistic and obviously inadequate way.

Labour must fight this

The Tories have always seen the transfer of powers, negotiated by all shades of government in the last 40 years as an excuse to reinterpret them in the most extreme way possible in order to achieve their dream of a low tax, low wage country with minimal worker and human rights.If they had achieved their fabled 150 majority this is precisely what they would have done.Fortunately it didn’t materialise and it is now incumbent on Labour and the other opposition parties to fight them tooth and nail to wreck any hope they may have of ruining the lives of most ordinary people in the country for the benefit of their rich corrupt cronies.

It’s a tightrope for Labour

What good will this achieve?

Nothing for workers in the Taylor Report; nothing for citizens in the Repeal Bill; nothing for the environment anywhere. And Henry VIIIth clauses -‘The Minister will have power to do what s/he likes’. What *exactly* is Brexit going to do for us? Maybe some trade deals (sometime) with countries at least 5x further away than the furthest part of the EU – the US, Canada, Australia – with the increased transport costs.Come on Brexiteers – what good things are we going to get?

It was never about taking back control

Why pick unnecessary fights

The bill will be defeated