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People Are ROASTING Jared Kushner On Twitter After His Trip To Iraq — ‘He Looks Like A Rich Kid On An Expensive Paintball Weekend’

Hello there, Kush!

Jared KushnerIvanka Trump‘s husband and Donald Trump‘s senior adviser who has no prior political experience — visited Iraq this week, and the Internet has a lot of opinions about it!

Photos surfaced on Thursday of the 36-year-old wearing a frat-boy suit under army armor featuring a partially-covered-up name tag. It’s a lot.

Ch-ch-check out the best reactions (below)!!!

If Wes Anderson made a war movie.
— Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) April 6, 2017

Jared Kushner wearing his shirt and suit with his khaki bulletproof vest looks like a rich kid on an expensive paintball weekend.
— Ashles (@Ashles3000) April 6, 2017

Blazers/suit coats and body armor are never going to work together. They’re just not.
— Dan Lamothe (@DanLamothe) April 6, 2017

Found one more photo of Jared Kushner in Iraq
— Nick Wing (@nickpwing) April 6, 2017

"Yes, I have no foreign policy, diplomatic, or political experience, BUT IT’S COOL I’m in a frat." – @jaredkushner
— Christian Cowart (@ChristianCowart) April 6, 2017

Oh look! Jared visits Iraq. They even put his name on his vest w a sharpie. Like in kindergarten. Feel safe America! Jr Prez is in command!
— Old Lady Dem (@oldladydem) April 6, 2017

tfw ur yacht runs aground near port-au-prince
— chris hooks (@cd_hooks) April 6, 2017

Fun game: Which of these photos are from the Jonah Hill movie "War Dogs" and which of these photos are of Jared Kushner in Iraq.
— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) April 6, 2017

I can’t even imagine what the uniformed soldiers were thinking when Jared showed up in a sportscoat and designer shades.
— chaps (@UncleChaps) April 6, 2017

When you have war at 7 but a croquet game at 8
— Orli Matlow (@HireMeImFunny) April 6, 2017

You know Jared snapped this to Ivanka with the sunglasses emoji.
— Adam Smith (@asmith83) April 6, 2017

wow this ray-bans ad is even worse than pepsi’s
— keely flaherty (@flahertykeely) April 6, 2017