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‘BB19’: Why Is Cody Blowing His Game For Alex? Fans Suspect Calex Connection

Big Brother fans are truly baffled by Cody Nickson’s gameplay. The first head of Household of Season 19 of the CBS summertime reality show has already had a tumultuous ride—and his first victim hasn’t even walked out the door yet. While Cody has had unprecedented power so far in the Big Brother house, he could be the next player out of he doesn’t step up his game.

Cody had it all in the Big Brother game, but his HOH reign is about to end, and his showmance with Jessica Graf isn’t doing much better. Big Brother housemate, Alex Ow, called Cody out for his silly showmance, telling him if he wants to do something like that he should sign up for The Bachelor. Alex made it clear she is there to play the Big Brother game and that showmances are at the top of her hit list. But her threatening words struck a chord with Cody as he later admitted to the massive respect he has for her.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother, viewers finally got to see Cody’s biggest faux pas: Calling Jessica “Alex” while he was snuggling in bed with her. Of course, this came after the BB HOH’s other big blunder: Throwing the Power of Veto competition to Alex.

Cody seems to be playing the Big Brother game with Alex heavily on his mind. While he says he respects her as a strong competitor, she has made it clear she is in it to win it. Still, many fans of the CBS franchise are beginning to question Cody’s connection to Alex. Some even wonder if there is more to the story than Big Brother producers are letting on.

Hahaha I can’t get over this !! Cody calls Jessica "Alex" #bb19

— Maize Blue (@MaizeBlue_) July 1, 2017

Cody just called Jessica "Alex" that’s AMAZING and HILARIOUS #BB19

— Tesla Marie (@BloodTesla) July 6, 2017

cody is infatuated with alex and it’s kinda funny I CANT BELIEVE HE CALLED JESSICA ALEX IM DED #BB19

I feel like Cody likes Alex more than Big Brother Production is willing to let on…….#BB19

— Big Brother Alliance (@BigBroAlliance) July 6, 2017

Stevie Wonder could see that Cody threw that comp to Alex. #BB19

Cody secretly likes alex but alex don’t want no man to carry her. The more she ignores him, the more he likes her. Alex got game #bb19

— idd (@bsckingdom_) July 6, 2017

Does Cody just wish he was in a showmance with Alex? Lmao #BB19

— Marie Ann Smith (@questtheworld) July 6, 2017

cody clearly likes alex. clearly. probably more than jessica.

jessica is just his "in public type." #bb19

— east atlanta santa. (@mynameisjillian) July 6, 2017

Cody seems a little too interested in saving Alex for a guy who’s supposed to be in another showmance… #BB19

Because he has had to nominate five people for eviction over the course of one week—a third of the house, as Entertainment Weekly points out—Cody already has multiple targets on his back. His game will be in serious jeopardy next week when he’s not eligible to be HOH, so it’s a little shocking that he threatened his 9-person alliance to save Alex by throwing the Veto competition to her so she could take herself off of the block.

Will #BBAlex be able to save herself from the block? A brand new #BB19 starts NOW!

— Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) July 6, 2017

While Cody’s whole plan to save Alex could have been just to backdoor Paul Abrahamian, that twist backfired when Paul whipped out his Pendant of Protection necklace, which saves him from being nominated for eviction for the next three weeks. Now, Cody’s only lifeline may be Jessica—except he called her Alex.

It’s time, feeders! Head over to CBS All Access to watch the #BB19 Houseguests 24/7 on the live feeds now:

— Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) June 30, 2017

Check out the video below to see Cody finally admitting to his showmance, Jessica, that he threw the POV competition to Alex. Warning: Strong language.

Big Brother 19 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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